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As vessels continue to become more complex machines, the more they need advanced control systems. Automation provides the following expertise:

a) Design consultation
b) Instrumentation detailed design
c) Control panel design and building
d) PLC/SCADA/DCS programming

e) Industrial networking design
f) Motor control center design and installation
g) Upgrade/migration of control systems
h) Project management

Among Automation’s clients are:
Coca-cola FEMSA, Sem-Calaca Power Corporation, Aboitiz Power.


Many commercial companies and government agencies wishing to extend the service life of their boats have come to rely on Propmech’s Vessel Repowering services. Through complete body refurbishing, engine replacement, installation of updated navigation equipment and other customized services, Propmech’s vessel repowering services can breathe new life into an old boat.


Shipbuilding is a complex, multidisciplinary engineering process. Involving a conglomeration of professionals such as naval architects, marine engineers, welders, marine surveyors, riggers, plumbers and more, shipbuilding is a discipline with many moving parts. And this is something that Propmech has developed into a system that designed and help produce many ships. Through Propmech’s experienced management team and skilled technicians, clients can expect to be delivered a boat worthy of pride.


A ship requires a tremendous amount of electricity to sustain its operations and the life of its crew. Hence, an appropriate genset (generator set) must be installed on the ship to ensure this need is met. Shipboard power is a discipline that Propmech specializes in having serviced many companies and ships for several decades. From power generation to power distribution (system needed to supply energy efficiently throughout the ship) to emergency power (system for back up energy in case of genset failure), Propmech can set up your vessel for optimum performance.

Propmech’s strength in Power Solutions has grown beyond marine applications, having ventured into power generation. For more information on Propmech renewables, click here.


To ensure clients maximize the usage of Propmech vessels and systems, Propmech offers customer training. The service arose from repeated requests from clients to have their staff trained by Propmech technicians who have intimate knowledge on their vessels. Today, customer training is a regular part of the Propmech service for all of its clients.


To help clients prolong their vessel’s longevity, Propmech has the Propmech Protects program that offers top notch maintenance and service. From small machines to large moving parts, a ship needs various types of attention to stay in smooth, running condition. Propmech has skilled professionals who can carry out your ship’s maintenance to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs. Propmech offers preventive/scheduled service where our team carry out maintenance regardless of the machine’s condition; corrective/breakdown service is done when machinery breaks down and needs replacing; and condition service where machinery parts are checked regularly via sensors.


To help clients finish their projects and get the best possible parts for their vessels, Propmech offers financing. This service is done on a case-to-case basis and Propmech works closely with clients’ business model to find the best terms and conditions.


Propmech has learned that equipment failure can lead to many opportunity losses for its clients. As such, Propmech makes sure it has the right parts and machinery that its clients need in case of emergencies.


Propmech is always looking to the future to anticipate the changes in the marine industry. To prepare for this, the company works with it partners, investing in research and development as well as emerging technologies that will give clients the edge on sea and on their spread sheets.

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