Hard work, perseverance, smart planning, a healthy appetite for risk – these are just some of the “ingredients” that has kept Propmech moving forward and innovative. But more importantly, it’s the partnerships it has cultivated since its beginnings 20 years ago that has shaped Propmech to what it is today.

Since its inception in 1992, Propmech has stood the test of time, thanks in great part to the trust and relationships it has earned from its customers in the marine industry. From its beginnings in distributing Caterpillar engines to the growth of its services that today involve vessel integration, boat design, solar power and much more, Propmech’s growth and innovations are attributed to the growing needs of its clientele.

To show its appreciation to all its customers and suppliers, Propmech held its 20th anniversary celebration, themed “On Course” last November 17, 2011 at the OneEsplanade in SM Central Business Park Seaside in the Philippines.

The event was attended by many of Propmech’s customers, suppliers and supporters from the private and public sectors. With over 300 guests, the event was a memorable one from start to finish. Visitors were greeted by a photo exhibit that narrated Propmech’s history complete with different engines of various shapes and sizes. Guests were treated to a unique dance number performed in synch with an animated AVP that drew much applause.

However, that was just a prelude to the actual AVP of the night which was a historical account of Propmech complete with testimonies from clients that have been with the company from the very start. From the very first customer, Mr. Francis Tiu Laurel, Frabelle Fishing Corp. Chairman, to new clients like the Honorable Ben Semri, representative of Papua New Guinea, there were many who offered kind and inspiring words.

Among those who also took the time to congratulate Propmech was the Caterpillar team of (NAMES) from Germany. Via video recorded message, mr. (NAME) apologized that they couldn’t make it personally to the event but expressed that they are proud to be Propmech’s partner and confident about the future of both companies.

While there were many highlights during the 20th anniversary celebration, the pinnacle of the event came when the entire Propmech family led by Director Helen Tong went up the stage to give their heartfelt thank you to the audience. Onstage, second and third generations of the Ong family along with long-time Propmech team members gave a toast to the guests as Mrs. Tong gave a short spiel.

propmech 20th years

A night to remember: high-caliber speeches, performances and guests marked the 20-year celebration of Propmech.

With performances by popular singers Basil Valdez and the Company, the 20th anniversary celebration was a fitting thanksgiving to all those who supported Propmech. Looking forward to another 20 years in the business, Propmech is ready to stay On Course for the marine industry and all its partners.

a message
Ms. Tong, Propmech COO

Ms. Tong, Propmech COO

In our 20 years, we at Propmech like to think we've made some significant contributions to the industry. But these contributions would not have happened without the collaboration with you, our clients. After all, it is your business that drives ours and not the other way around.

Because of that, we found it fitting that we should keep in constant contact with you starting this year through our first newsletter, Surpass.

As our inaugural issue, we'll be featuring company and industry news as well as product and team member features. This is just our way of staying in touch with you and we hope that you'll enjoy our first issue and the others that will come after it.


The saying might be an HR cliché but it holds many truths in Propmech's case: your company is only as good as the people that make it. Without the talented and hardworking team - from the mechanics to the office staff to the engineers to the management team – the 20 years that built this company would not have been possible.

One of those important movers and shakers under the Propmech roof is Edward Antonio, an executive who is part of the Office of the Managing Director (OMD), who oversees Operations, Accounting and Treasury. Having been with the company for over 20 years himself, the man simply referred to as "Ed" around the office has seen the highs and lows of the industry. But more importantly, he has been integral to many innovations and breakthroughs that have helped grow Propmech's capabilities and services.

Among those innovations were the introduction of technologies that help push the industry towards more growth such as the Payao Fish Aggregating Device or FAG in which Propmech's "ropes were used in the development of these devices." Another was the "Superlights," a "fish luring lights system that uses Japanese technology and powered by reliable Caterpillar generating sets."

Since his start with the Propmech group in 1992, Mr. Antionio, you could say has seen it all. Yet as each new project comes, there's always a challenge that comes along with it forcing Ed to stay on his toes to "accept the difficulty and persevere." After all, if everything was easy then there wouldn't be any real growth, especially in the marine industry which he simply describes as "demanding and tough." So to keep competitive, Mr. Antonio's simple yet proven strategy is to "provide high value at the best possible price."


With a commanding presence even from miles away, the Philippine Navy's LCU (Landing Utility Craft), AT296 BRP "TAGBANUA," sits in the docks peacefully, ready to accept loads of troops, equipment, and vehicles for transport. Its size, strength, and durability, truly makes it a naval beast of burden.

Built by Propmech, the LCU project began in late November 2010 at the PICMW Shipyard in Jasaan Misamis Oriental and was completed at the end of 2011. As one of the many naval vessels built by Propmech, the LCU is 51 meters long, has a 200 seating capacity, and has a cargo space area that can accommodate an equivalent of six 6x6 military trucks or three humvees.

With a Caterpillar c32 ACERT Marine Engine, the LCU has a maximum speed of 15 knots and a cruising speed of 12 knots. Truly, this is one of Propmech's major projects, one that continues to set the standards higher for the company. "Being part of this undertaking is a huge privilege for us," says Propmech Director, Glenn Tong, "We know that such a vessel will be integral to the Navy's operations so we want to make sure they get one that is dependably world-class." The LCU was turned over to the Philippine Navy last December 13, 2011.

cat c-32
This issue, the spotlight is on one of the top-selling engines that many a customer has purchased and used: the CAT C32 propulsion engine. It's durable, has great fuel consumption and supportability (parts are always available and so are our mechanics) – in fact, it's also the same engine used in the LCU included  in this issue. But most of all, it's always available. So for businesses that can't afford to lose even a day when their vessels' engines are out of order, the C32 is the one for you.
CAT C32 Specifications
Output range Speed Mean piston speed: Bore: Dimensions
bkW mhp Rpm Mean Ft. pressure m/s: Mm: Length: Width: Height: Weight
820-1343 1115-1825 2100-2300 Bar: 16.7-19.8 11.3-12.4 145 2004mm 1413mm 1387 2548-2632kg

green heat

Being in the business of power, Propmech ventured into renewable energy a few years ago, establishing Green Heat to distribute and install solar panels in the Philippines. In 2010, Green Heat completed one of its major projects, the electrification of several rural areas in the country namely, Isabela, Apayao, Kalinga, Nueva Vizcaya, Masbate, Maguindanao, Sultan Kudarat, Zamboanga del Norte, Sulu, Northern Luzon, Southern Luzon, Sultan Kudarat, and Lanao del Norte.

This venture marks the first successful World Bank Solar PV project on rural electrification, having achieved 90% electrification in areas without power.

The project was awarded by KEPCO Philippines and DOE under Project ACCESS. This undertaking allowed Green Heat to achieve its goal of being the top supplier of solar requirements in the Philippines with over 200 villages powered.

"As a developing nation, it's vital for everyone to have access to affordable energy," says Glenn Tong, Propmech Director, "and solar power is one of the best and economical ways to grant that access, particularly in areas where infrastructure is a challenge."

green heat

Workers unite: the electrification was a team effort between the Green Heat and the public sector.


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Solar Division

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