The more advanced a vessel, the more complex the control systems need to be. Propmech’s Automation team has the expertise and technology to automate a vessel for maximum efficiency and performance. Automation provides the following services: 

As vessels continue to become more complex machines, the more they need advanced control

systems. Automation provides the following expertise:

  1. Design consultation
  2. Instrumentation detailed design
  3. Control panel design and building
  4. PLC/SCADA/DCS programming
  5. Industrial networking design
  6. Motor control center design and installation
  7. Upgrade/migration of control systems
  8. Project management

Automation uses a variety of quality automation products to ensure clients get the most out of their investments. Automation works with brands such as Rockwell, Schneider, Siemens, Omron, Wonderware Mistubishi, GE, Eurothem, ABB, and Wago. Our Technical team is qualified to design, program, install, commission, and provide after-sales support on all brands that we use.